Irish start-ups invited to participate in Berlin e-health incubator | Audi Centre South Dublin

Irish start-ups invited to participate in Berlin e-health incubator​

Irish start-ups are invited to pitch for a place at Berlin's Flying Health Incubator. Co-founded by Audi, the incubator supports start-ups developing digital innovations in the healthcare sector. Over a period of two years, e-health start ups will receive help and support from the Flying Health Incubator to develop their digital business strategies, from research to quality management and project controlling. Entrepreneurs will work alongside Audi employees and a network of scientists, IT experts, investors and mentors at a research site at Berlin's trauma hospital, Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin.

The start-ups and incubator partners, including Audi, will work together to identify trends, technical solutions and business models in the digital health market with between three and five start-ups having the possibility to join the incubator programme each year.

Commenting on the Flying Health Incubator programme, Richard Molloy, Head of Marketing and Product at Audi Ireland, said: “With the current focus on e-health and healthcare transformation in Ireland, it’s very fitting that we help to support start-ups looking to innovate within this area. We are delighted to be able to invite Irish start-ups to pitch for a place in the programme.”

Audi is already working hard on its own development of 'automotive health' as a new business area. The newly developed Audi Fit Driver allows the company to test innovative services and functionalities dedicated to enhancing driver's health and fitness while on the road.

Audi Fit Driver is currently being tested in Audi concept car with the aim of making sure drivers arrive at their destinations in a more relaxed and healthy state than when they got into the car. The system also enhances road safety by keeping the driver more alert. The driver wears a sensor, such as in a smartwatch, which monitor's their vital signs. The car's systems can then respond accordingly to invigorate, relax or protect the driver. Examples of these responses include a seat massage, appropriate air conditioning and interior lighting, adaptive infotainment, or in a later development phase, a piloted emergency stop.

How to apply

The Flying Health Incubator is open to start-ups in Ireland. Interested start-ups should send a one-page brief or pitch deck that illustrates their e-health idea to Co-Founder and Managing Partner Christian Lautner: