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Audi starts the new year with sales record​

Audi AG has seen continued growth in the new year following last year's record-breaking sales. The company increased its year-on-year global delivers by 4% to 143,150 in January with demand developing especially positively in Europe with sales increasing 6.5% to approximately 59,900 cars. The Q range once again proved to be the driver in global growth with cumulative sales of the Q3, Q5 and Q7 of around 46,350, 20.3% above the previous year's figure.

"We started the new year at a good pace and delivered more cars than ever before in a January," said Dietmar Voggenreiter, Member of the Board of Management for Sales and Marketing at Audi AG. "We have gained new customers in the Americas, Europe and Asia. That shows how balanced our growth strategy is."

In the Americas Audi delivered around 16,600 units in January, 2.5% more than the previous year. Audi achieved its strongest growth in Mexico, with sales up to 1,178 which is a 9.8% increase. Despite the onset of a harsh winter, which stifled growth in the United States over the past month, Audi of America still exceeded its record-breaking start to the previous year, up to 2.7% to 11,850 unites sold. The new Q7 arrived in the US in January and is now available in all world regions. Deliveries of the full-size SUV in the US market increased by 165.5% to 2,336 units.

The flagship vehicle of the Audi Sport range, the new Audi R8, is also eagerly awaited in the United States.As part of the 50th Super Bowl, the R8 was one of the heroes in Audi's "The Commander" spot last weekend. The R8 will be available in the US from Spring. In Europe, deliveries of the latest generation of the Audi R8 doubled in January. The Audi Sport models continues to build on their success with an increase in sales of 13% year-on-year in 2015 meaning that Audi sold over 17,000 RS and R models worldwide.

In Europe, the Q7 doubled its sales each month since its market introduction in June. Deliveries of this model triped in January to around 3,150 units. As well as this, the Audi A5 drove growth with 3,350 customer receiving keys for their new A5 in January, an increase of 15.3% on the previous year. Across all models, sales from Audi increased in Europe by 6.5% to around 59,900 units. Spain (increase of 21.2% to 4,255) and Germany (increase of 10.2% to 21,833 cars) provided a significant boost with double digit growth. Demand for Audi models also developed positively in other major European markets.

Audi made a successful start to the year in China and saw sales increase by 6.2% to 54,402 cars. The Audi Q5 proved a strong growth provider in this market with demand increasing by 33.4% to 11,670 units.

In Ireland, Audi remains the number one premium car brand. The company reported an impressive 1,550 new car registrations in January 2016, a 29% increase on the same month last year. In January, Audi held a 30.9% share of the Irish premium car market and a 3.9% share of the overall Irish car market. In particular, the Audi A4 and all-new Q7 continue to be a popular choice with the Irish premium car buyer.