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Audi R8 announced as the "2016 World Performance Car"

The Audi R8 is the most successful model in the history of the World Car Awards, picking up a total of four. The predecessor to the current R8 model was previously awarded two World Performance Car awards and a World Car Design of the Year award in the prestigious competition. Now the second generation of the high-performance Audi sports car has won over an international jury of 73 leading automotive journalists and confirms that the Audi R8 is a winner on both the road and the racetrack.

"With its distinctive design, its driving dynamics and its closeness to racing, the R8 is one of the strongest calling cards for the four rings and is the flagship car from Audi Sport. The first generation paved our way toward becoming a premium brand and raised the aura of Audi to a new level. The new R8 will continue this success story and further accelerate the growth strategy of Audi Sport," said Dietmar Voggenreiter, Board Member for Sales and Marketing at Audi AG.

Offering more performance than any other Audi production model, the R8 Coupe is equipped with a V10 mid-engine and a newly developed quattro drive which offers extraordinary driving performance. The top version with 610hp has the ability to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in just 3.2 seconds with a maximum speed of 330km/h.

The R8 Coupe is a truly exceptional cars thanks to its high-revving mid-engine, consistent lightweight construction concept, extremely dynamic suspension with quattro drive and fully variable torque vectoring. The genetics of the R8 contain the expertise acquired from numerous wins by Audi in auto racing. The sport prototypes have won the 24 hours of Le Mans 13 times since 2000, and the R8 LMS contributed seven more overall victories in 24-hour races since 2009.

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