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Audi shines at the Moscow Motor Show

At the recent 2014 Moscow International Auto Show, Audi pulled out all the stops to impress the crowds. The manufacturer brought legends, stunning new cars and some inspiring concepts to the event.

One such prototype car was the Audi TT Allroad Concept, previously known as the Allroad Shooting Brake. It made a rare appearance in Moscow following the first unveiling at the Beijing Motor Show earlier this year.

The TT Allroad is a petrol-electric hybrid that generates up to 650Nm of torque and 408bhp. From a full tank and maximum charge, it's estimated to have a range of over 540 miles.

Another exciting model on the Audi stand in Moscow was the R8 LMX for 2015, again introduced previously in 2014 at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The R8 LMX is the first ever production vehicle to incorporate high-beam laser headlights as a standard feature. The technology has been an option with rival cars, always as a paid option or upgrade only.

Fitted with a 5.2-litre V10 engine, the R8 LMX makes full use of 570bhp and runs confidently in quattro permanent all-wheel drive.

Other Audi cars on show included the R18 e-tron, the new A8 and TTS, the RS5 and the RS7 Sportback.

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