Audi Live brings all-new Audi A5 experience to customers from the comfort of their own homes | Audi Centre South Dublin

Audi Live brings all-new Audi A5 experience to customers from the comfort of their own homes​​

Thanks to a successful launch in late 2016, Audi Live will be available as part of the launch campaign for the all-new Audi A5. Originally introduced as part of the Audi Q2 launch in 2016, Audi Live is an innovative online customer experience platform that aims to bridge the gap between a digital, online experience and an offline, retail experience by bringing the latest Audi models to customers through live video interaction.

This new technology gives customers the ability to interact with an Audi Guru in real-time, ask questions and explore the all-new Audi A5 from the comfort of their home through their phone, tablet or computer. As it's available outside normal business hours, normally 7pm-9pm Sinday to Thursday, Audi Live is a convenient way for customers to discover more about the highly anticipated Audi A5 at their comfort and convenience.

Richard Molloy, Head of Marketing & Product at Audi Ireland commented: “The success of Audi Live to-date, in addition to the positive feedback from customers and stakeholders alike, underpins our decision to continue making this unique technology available to our customers, in order to deliver an enriched online customer experience. The number of customers engaging with Audi Live during the launch of the platform grew exponentially, so we look forward to receiving customer feedback on the optimised version of the platform, which will be used as part of the all-new A5 launch campaign”.

Audi Live, featuring the all-new Audi A5, will run on Monday to Thursday, 7-9pm from 16th January – 2nd February, 2017.