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Audi A4 Saloon - What Car? Car of the Year 2016

The Audi A4 has played a major part in the success story of Audi across five generations and now it has been awarded one of the automotive industry's most highly prized awards: the all-new Audi A4 Saloon is What Car? Magazine's Car of the Year for 2016. The newest incarnation of the Audi A4 took the top honour, along with the Best Compact Executive Car award, at the annual presentation event.

The latest generation of the Audi TT also received an award in the Coupe category which now takes the total number of category trophies awarded to the three generations of the Audi TT to eight.

In the What Car? magazine awards issue the test team celebrates the advances made by the all-new Audi A4, singling out the 218PS V6 TDI model as the award winner with six-cylinder sophistication and fantastic frugality. In its award citations for the Audi A4, the road test team writes "Audi deserves congratulations for the new A4. It brings new standards of refinement, interior quality and technology to the compact executive class."

They then go on to praise the benefits of a range of cutting edge aerodynamic, aero-acoustic and operating efficiency measures which are brought in to especially sharp relief in the V6 versions. They went on to say "With fuel economy and CO2 emissions barely any worse than those of smaller-engined models, the A4 3.0 TDI 218 is the most impressive car we've tried of late. It's only fractionally less efficient that the 2.0 TDI 190 model (officially and in the real world), and delivers the sort of creamy performance and whisper-quiet driving manners that would shame some luxury limos. Put simply, it feels more like a baby A8 than a 3 series rival." On the subject of the Audi TT the What Car? team wrote "Yes, there are plenty of others sleek-looking offerings in this class, but all of them demand some form of compromise from you - either in the way they drive, how easy they are to live with or how much they'll cost you to buy and run. In contrast, the TT is not just the best coupe on the market, it's one of the best cars you can buy, full stop."

Christian Gussen, Managing Director of Audi Ireland, commented on the awards and said:

"The compact executive class is a fiercely competitive market segment in its own right, so for the What Car? editorial team to not only rank the all-new A4 above rival brand models in this category, but award it overall Car of the Year, is an outstanding achievement for us. Audi's large number of awards and nominations at this year's What Car? awards, including the TT's eighth victory in the Coupe category, is testament to the brand's timeless appeal, and its commitment to ground-breaking innovation in design, engineering and technology."

The all-new Audi A4 is available to order now at Audi Centre, South Dublin. For more information or to book a test drive please contact us.