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Audi A4 receives 5 stars in Euro NCAP test

The all-new Audi A4 can now be considered one of the safest cars in its field of competitors after being awarded five stars in Euro NCAP tests for adult and child safety as well as for pedestrian protection.

The New Car Assessment Program was established in 1997 and investigates the crash performance of new car models. In 2015 the consortium made the requirements for front and side impact collisions even stricter to accurately reflect actual accident scenarios.

As well as this, the A4 was also awarded the "Euro NCAP advanced" special award for its multi-collision brake assist system, which comes as standard, and the optional Audi pre sense basic system. Multi-collision brake assist has the ability to automatically brake in the event of an accident to help reduce the danger of skidding or further collisions. Audi pre sense basic protects passengers by tightening seatbelts in the lead up to a collision and closing the windows and sunroof.

Another key part of the Audi A4's safety systems is Audi pre sense city, which comes fitted as standard. At speeds of up to 85km/h the system checks for other vehicles and pedestrians in its path. If it detects the risk of a collision the driver is warned in multiple stages: first visually and acoustically, next by a jolt of the brakes and finally an automatic emergency brake application if needed.

The safety features don't end there, with the A4 containing a variety of other systems. Collision avoidance assist can help the driver avoid an obstacle while turn assist monitors oncoming traffic. When turning across the flow at low speed and in a dangerous situation it brakes the A4 to a complete stop to prevent a turn when there is oncoming traffic detected. Red LEDs are installed as an exit warning system and light up to warn occupants not to open the doors when other vehicles are approaching from behind.

The all-new Audi A4 will be available to test drive at our Ballsbridge centre on 19 November 2015. To find out more about the new A4 please visit our dedicated Audi A4 page.