Hybrid and Electric Audi Cars

Audi has a growing range of plug-in hybrid (TFSIe) and fully electric (e-tron) models. From taking advantage of government grants and incentives, to joining the movement for our planet’s sustainable future, there are now lots of reasons to go electric.

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TFSIe | Hybrid Cars

Audi plug-in hybrid (TFSI e) models combine the convenience of a combustion (petrol) engine with the economy of an electric motor. Three driving modes are on offer; purely electric, purely combustion, or an automatic combination of both. While the electric-only range of a TFSIe plug-in hybrid is less than what you will find in the fully electric e-tron models, it will still take care of most everyday situations, reducing your carbon footprint.

e-tron | Electric Cars

Unlike hybrids and petrol or diesel-powered engines, fully electric cars are battery powered and driven by electric motors. Our Audi e-tron models offer a smooth and quiet driving experience combined with an instant throttle response, giving you power when you need it most. 

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