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Genuine Tyres for your Audi

Audi Genuine Tyres are specifically created for each Audi model and manufactured using the latest materials and testing criteria. The ‘AO’ mark, which stands for ‘Audi Only’, appears on all Audi Genuine Tyres to signify that the tyre is approved and fitted as an original Audi product.

All Audi Genuine Tyres endure numerous performance assessments before receiving the Audi approval of quality and safety.

Only Audi Genuine Tyres come with a Complimentary Audi Tyre Warranty to ensure both your safety and that your investment remains protected.

Audi Centre stocks a wide range of tyres from trusted brands specifically to suit your vehicle.

In addition, Audi Centre has a Tyre Price Match Guarantee - contact us today to find out more.

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Complimentary Audi Tyre Warranty

Audi Tyre Warranty replaces your tyre in the event of damage caused by one of the following events:

  • Sharp objects such as nails and pieces of broken glass.
  • Direct Impact Damage i.e. kerb or pothole.
  • Vandalism caused by third party.

The warranty cover applies to all tyres purchased from Audi Centre. Warranty cover applies for 2 years, or until 3mm of tread depth remains, whichever occurs first.

The reimbursement shall be calculated on the current recommended retail price (RRP) of Audi for the replacement tyre based on the following:

  • In the first year 100%
  • In the second year 75%

Caring for your Audi Genuine Tyres

It is essential that your Audi Genuine Tyres are regularly looked after, as with any tyre. The following tips can help prolong the life of your tyres and reduce any associated costs.

  • Audi recommends replacing your tyres at a minimum tread depth of 3mm. The legal minimum tyre tread depth is 1.6mm. Check your tyres regularly to ensure it is not below the minimum depth.
  • Check your tyre pressure regularly, every month is a recommended interval. Incorrect tyre pressure can result in higher wear and tear
  • Maintain wheel alignment to enable the tyres to wear evenly.
  • Rotate tyre positions if any irregular wear is found.
  • Steer clear of objects that may damage your tyres such as kerbs and potholes.
  • Check your tyres frequently for any damages such as cuts, bulges, uneven wear and embedded objects.
  • Keep your tyres clean by avoiding contact with oil, grease and fuel.