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Audi Innovation

Vorsprung durch Technik is at the heart of everything that Audi does. They work tirelessly to push performance to the limits, engineer lighter and more efficient vehicles and innovate technology that anticipates drivers needs.

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Audi Virtual Cockpit

Located directly behind the steering wheel, Audi Virtual Cockpit ensures that all the information you need is directly in front of you. The 12.3” TFT display combines the function of a central MMI monitor and the conventional instrument cluster. Crystal clear graphics with a 3D impression and detailed effects display all functions and services and give the driver the choice of a classic view or “infotainment mode”.

Depending on which display the driver chooses either the instrument dials are dominant or, in infotainment mode, additional functions are brought to the forefront including navigation, telephone, Audi connect and media. Along the bottom edge of the cockpit in both views you’ll find the outside temperature, time, mileage and warning and information symbols.

The graphics processor generates 60 frames per second which means the needles of the speedometer and rev counter are displayed with total precision.The virtual cockpit display can show a range of information including graphics from the assistance systems, images from the reversing camera and dynamic vehicle animations.



quattro is Audi's famous four-wheel-drive technology and provides safety and sportiness across the entire Audi range. The system analyses grip and distributes power to where it’s needed most to deliver optimal drive to each wheel. The four driven wheels can then deliver more responsive acceleration and grip on all surfaces to ensure superior handling and grip even in less than perfect conditions. If one wheel loses grip, quattro ensures that the others compensate to keep the car under control.

Over seven million models have been built with quattro to date, making Audi the world’s most successful manufacturer of premium cars with permanent all-wheel drive. Throughout over 30 years of existence, Audi have always explored new territory with quattro resulting in a wide range of innovations from the classic manually locking centre differential on the original “Ur-quattro” to the latest version fitted in selected Audi RS models.

Audi Connect

Audi connect uses broadband internet access and a range of services and functions to enhance driving comfort and enjoyment. Audi connect takes into consideration all applications and developments that connects an Audi to its owner, the internet, the infrastructure and with other cars and is available for virtually the entire Audi range.

Audi connect, using the optional MMI navigation plus and voice control, can easily answer many questions that might arise while driving, such as where the cheapest filling station is, if there is a car park at your destination and even if your flight is departing on time. The display shows the results in an easy to read manner. Realistic images from Google Earth and Google Street View are used to give the driver a more realistic view.

Audi connect also gives you the opportunity to check emails, messages or post to social media. Voice control ensures these functions are safe and easy to use while driving. A wifi hotspot allows up to eight mobile devices to connect to the internet at the same time. The wide range of service on offer through the Audi MMI connect app are sure to keep you and your passengers entertained. A choice of over 3,000 radio stations are available as well as online media streaming services like Napster and Aupeo. LTE data transmission technology allows passengers to stream HD movies, play online games or listen to music using their own mobile device.

Light Technology

Matrix LED beam

Audi Matrix LED High Beam Mode ensures the road ahead is always illuminated. Split in to a number of individual light emitting diodes, the system is able to dim light that is shining directly on oncoming and preceding vehicles. While it does this, full light is cast on zones between and beside these vehicles. This means you always get the best view without dazzling other drivers. Matrix LED beams can also provide assistance on corners by using predictive route data. The beams can shift towards the bend before the driver even turns the steering wheel helping you see even more of the road.

Laser Lights

Laser diodes send out a monochromatic and coherent light with a wavelength of 450 nanometers. A phosphor-coated film covers each diode to create a white light suitable for use on vehicles. These laser diodes are even smaller than LED diodes and come close to the theoretical ideal of a high-output, point light source. The high beam produced by the laser diodes is three times as bright as the LED high beam.

Sweeping Indicators

Using smart technology, sweeping indicators improve the functionality of turn indicators by sending clearer signals than conventional turn signals. The indicators come in the form of a band of 30 LEDs on each side, with seven segments activated in sequence every 150 milliseconds. As turn signal flashers, they illuminate the same side as the direction that the driver intends to turn.​

Assistance Systems

Adaptive Cruise Control

Audi Adaptive Cruise Control regulates speed and distance from the vehicle in front by using ‘stop and go’ radar sensors to detect objects up to 250m ahead (with S tronic gearbox). In stop and go traffic the car can be brought to a complete stop. After a short stop, such as at traffic lights, it automatically drives following the vehicle ahead. After longer stops the driver simply has to tap the accelerator or activate the control stalk to continue driving.

Side Assist

This system aids the driver when changing lanes. Radar sensors in the rear bumper monitors traffic in the driver’s blind spot, alerting the driver with an LED warning signal when a vehicle approaches from behind. The area beside and behind the vehicle is monitored by radar sensors at speeds up to 30km/h. As a warning to the driver, the LED signal in the respective exterior mirror is continuously lit when a vehicle is in the blind spot or approaching rapidly from behind. If the turn signal is switched on, the lights in the mirror flash to alert the driver of danger. It does not actively intervene and the driver can deactivate the system by pressing a button on the driver door.

Parking Assist

Park assist can take over steering the vehicle when backing in to a detected parking space, either parallel or perpendicular to the road. The system uses ultrasound to find spaces and displays a message on the instrument cluster when it discovers one. The driver can then put the car in reverse and allow park assist to steer while the driver accelerates, shifts gears and brakes.

Head Up Display

This is Audi's first full-colour display which ensures effortless reading, even in direct sunlight. Displaying directions, speed and other important information, it also plays an important role in an emergency. The display is beneficial for eyes in that it reduces the time it takes your eyes to refocus an object in the distance to one up close. In addition to this, it reduces the angle of the drivers head tilt by around 5 degrees when reading the instrument display.