Audi exclusive at Audi Centre South Dublin

Stay individual. Go exclusive.

At Audi Centre we know that Audi drivers want something special. Audi exclusive allows you to transform something special into something truly personal. With Audi exclusive you can customise your new Audi to cater for your individual preferences - choose one of our pre-designed exclusive packages or get really creative and unlock a nearly endless array of trims, fine leathers and customised paint finish combinations.

With Audi exclusive we can turn your dream colour into a paint finish, striking wood into interior inlays and a fine leather into your favourite seat.

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An irresistible look.

The golden hue of a sunset, the red of a wine fine, the green of an emerald ring - all of these colours are available for your Audi's paint finish - as well as practically every other colour imaginable. As part of the Audi exclusive collection we already have a huge selection of existing paint finish colours for you to choose from. Simply select your favourite from over 80 colour tones. No matter which type of paint finish you ultimately choose, you can rest assured that the most stringent manufacturing quality standards are always applied.

Harmony and elegance.

Leather is a unique natural product, synonymous with exclusive comfort. No two pieces are alike, fitting perfectly with the Audi exclusive philosophy. Audi leather is meticulously crafted and retains its natural beauty thanks to delicate processing, including the use of environmentally-friendly vegetable tanning agents, resulting in a material that is hard-wearing, highly emotive and long-lasting. Audi exclusive offers you a wide selection of colours in the grades of Alcantara, fine Nappa leather and Valcona Leather. From elegant alabaster white to sporty crimson red to subtle night blue, we have something to suit every taste. In addition, choosing exclusive means you can choose the colour for the contrast stitching. Ask us which leathers are available for your car.

Perfection you can feel.

Every Audi has a personality of it's own and the inlays emphasise that personality, as each tree is unique so are the inlays. This means that your Audi not only makes a personal statement, but is also one of a kind. Audi refrains from using tropical woods, even those grown on plantations. Instead, it relies on selected woods which emphasise the respective character of the vehicle. The range of woods used extends from classic oak to striking varieties of myrtle burr or taco ash or even wood with a piano black finish.​ Ask us which inlays are available for your car.

​Dynamic and attractive. 

The finishing touch that makes your Audi complete: Audi Sport light-alloy wheels. An elaborate casting process ensures excellent rigidity, and the fine multi-coat paint creates not just a brilliant visual effect, but also offers effective protection against scratches.